an old story
I need your help my's a story I read a long time ago....sasuke needed money so he went to a bar that held some bets with money to participate only they told him no because he was young and the bets were somewhat...mature...somehow he got was kinky and they sent some one with him...his name was Ai....or Aoi...I don't remember :(...o make sure he is abiding by the had a sequel were he had to go to a lord with Kakashie and he give himself to him in exchange of information or something....I really would like to read it again so please help me ;)

tony losse a child

I need your help

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I was wondering
I am new to this great comunity and have been only reading but never particepating so now this changes

1) I would like to ask you to help me learn how to bookmark the stories I like...I know wierd request except you really cant imagen how bad I am at computer things.... I think I'm worse than Gibbs!!!!!

2) If you so kindly teach me how to put my request under short cuts and how to put tags

3) and lastly if you have any stories about Mcgee having a crush on tony and because tony doesnt feel the same he hurts him like maybe rape him...beeing because Mcgee is having mental problems or's not that I hate Mcgee because I really dont but it's just I havnt come across something like that ... gibbs/dinozzo will be great.

and thanx alot for any provided help


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